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mission critical projects

Outsourcing is hard, but mission critical. Make sure you get what you need, in time!

We can help you avoid unpleasant surprises in web and software projects

About us

We technically oversee projects, teams and processes

so you can be assured that your goals will be met


Don't get blindsided

If your company does not have battle hardened software project managers that fully cover your tech stack with their expertise, it can be hard to keep track of project progress and even harder to spot problems before they manifest themselves as emergencies.

By hiring us, you can rest assured that no surprises will mess up your plans, or your budget.


How do we improve your chances of project success and protect you?


Project planning

In the project planning phase we work to manage expectations, curb oversimplifications and over-promising so the subsequent actions can be planned on solid grounds


Staff monitoring

We make sure the staffing is synced with project scope and timelines and evaluate competence of each involved person to prevent delays in delivering and lapse in quality of code


Process oversight

Once things are underway, we monitor internal processes of teams to alert for any possible improvements and to prevent data or PII loss during development that would implicate you


Deliverables tracking

We make sure the deliverables are on time and with full scope. With us, you will never receive half-baked product presented as done with hope to fix it in final stretch


QA and compliance

Once a feature is delivered, we make sure it meets your minimum requirements for safety and functionality. It is never wise to leave these things to the authors



During the whole project we keep track of things and provide you our realistic, non-embellished report on expenses, work hours, bugfixes and state of project etc


Milestone based payments


We are flexible in your commitments to us.
No need to sign off on large deals. Hire us to do things which you think you need help with, no strings attached.
We can handle the full project lifecycle, even sourcing freelance developers. Whether you need help with scoping an idea, planning development schedule, setting up state of the art QA, protection against data loss or creating cloud infrastructure, we can help you with your goals!

Get expert representation

for your mission critical web and software projects

Leaving things to chance or blindly trusting your most important vendors will inevitably lead to loss of money. Prevent that loss by acting early and making sure trouble never gets the proper environment to develop.
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